Our services

What does “Reality” give you?

We give you the possibility to purchase an apartment directly from the construction company on favourable conditions. The construction company chosen especially for the residential complex will build your new housing in the specified terms, strictly keeping to all building norms and using the most recent technologies.

Apartment sale is carried out directly at one of our Company’s offices.

By visiting our office, you may select and purchase a single-room, double-room or a large apartment with spacious layout. The apartment price depends on multiple factors, such as location, infrastructure, apartment
status, layout and transport connection. At the same time you’ll get high level of service and construction quality. Moreover, with our assistance you may purchase, sell or exchange an apartment in Kyiv. Sale and purchase of the apartments is carried out at our offices without any intermediates.

“Reality” is a steadily growing company. Currently, our projects are located not just in Kyiv, but also in Kyiv region, Crimea and the Carpathians.