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Residential Complex “Slaviansky”

“Reality” is following the trends - “Slaviansky” project keeps to the style and standards of modern life outside the city, with consistent design, high technologies, impressive autonomy and wonderful nature!

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Glevaha is located 15 km outside of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in the direction of Odessa. The settlement has a well-developed infrastructure, convenient transport communication and picturesque natural location. Odessa-Kiev highway splits Glevaha into 2 parts, one of which is a private residence sector, and the other is a modern developing settlement where the construction of our new apartment building is planned. “Slaviansky” project is a modern trend of the XXI century combining highly technological comfort and natural surrounding, away from large city noise. The complex is planned as a nine-storey house with inbuilt facilities,
designed in light European modern style. A whole comfortable world is created just for you, including the individual heating system for every apartment, option of a customized area planning at the stage of construction, a cozy yard with a playground, a recreation area and a parking lot.

The district infrastructure includes a new school, a few kindergartens, trade centers and shops. Notorious Glevaha market, several beauty salons, hairdresser’s, pharmacies, cafés, pubs, medical clinincs (among them
two dental clinincs), a stadium, a few car services, gas stations, garages, fire station, two institutes, and much more is located here. Also, specialized storage facilities and shops for construction are available. Glevaha has a convenient bus connection with Kiev. Moreover, there are 3 railway stations: Malutinka, Shliakhovaya and Glevaha.

The settlement is close to a wonderful pine forest that is especially magnificent in winter. Besides from this, there are a few ponds made by local entrepreneurs, where one can bathe and fish, or just relax after a hard working day.

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